Mission Statement

Visioneering Bio Design, LLC provides mobile Apps that address special needs in home care using innovative smart phone technology to:

Increase the quality of life, and safety

Support the need for continuing to be independent

Security, service integrity, client privacy, assurance of a client’s well-being, and peace of mind

Special emphasis is given to provide solutions to approved DODD home care agencies providing the latest in smartphone functionality for delivering a cost-effective solution for assistive technology.


Vision Statement

Visioneering Bio Design, LLC will quickly become a recognized innovation leader in applying mobile cell phone technology that creates real solutions that meet or exceed the daily needs of chronically disabled people who wish to improve their quality of life and safety by use of a smartphone.

About Visioneering Bio Design

Visioneering Bio Design collaborates with resources between all cell phone providers and is a research arm of the New Life Foundation located in Columbus Ohio. Collaborating also includes higher education institutions such Cedarville University with select protocol Studies on new innovative ideas that are under development. This basis came as a result of a promise made by a father to his Quadriplegic son, who told his father one day as his leg bag was being serviced….”there has got to be a better way to do this”…and the son’s reply was, “dad go for It! This challenge added to an inspiring comment made from a college classmate, Ken Swigart who simply said, to Ty Bryant, “built it bigger”.

Visioneering Bio Design, LLC is delivering innovative personal care tools using remarkable mobile apps and sensor based technology to help chronically disabled and challenged individuals.

We know that the quality of life can be improved, with assurances and increases independence. All Apps are designed and support a client’s privacy, health, and also provide a “safety net” for home care issues and challenges.

Visioneering Bio Design has patent pending web-based mobile Apps using the latest wireless and GPS smartphone technology, secure broadband internet connections, and a state-of-the-art network for virtual support and response-centered support:

  • Phone, text and virtual support,
  • Client specific set up options,
  • Notification priorities of preferred provider’s support,
  • Response quick communications,
  • Mobile App Documentation,
  • Preferred early responders and GPS tracking, and
  • Private data security

Visioneering services have been specifically designed to support Foley dependent adults who have cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities in order to help them have the assurance of being connected to those who provide agency support and client’s family members, neighbors and trusted friends.

Our mission is to secure the safety and help eliminate unneeded 911 EMT calls when health issues could become less complicated with innovative technology and software tools to develop, and enhance the quality of their lives. DD folks are sometimes looking for an alternative to 24-hour live-in support.