The 4 P’s of Health Care

Our biomedical company and related 501 C3 New Life Foundation are both dedicated to accelerating the emergence and delivery of health care that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. Visioneering Bio Design and its affiliates are dedicated to making a difference in saving lives and saving money. We like to call it a high tech and a high touch solution to support the needs of chronically disabled customers.

Here is how we are delivering 4P solutions to the special needs of clients in home health care with HomeCare GateMaster apps.



Certain conditions with chronically disabled clients require real time monitoring of physiological related issues with patients. Knowing when resources are arriving to the needs of home health environments giving clients’ a peace of mind and the assurances that the right resources at the right time are allocated for delivery.



Use of bio markers result in nearly a 30 percent reduction in hospitalizations and then the biomarker tests are applied to large number of chronically disabled patients who require a balanced intake of monitored fluids. Ultimate care would require a strong sensor based fluid solution with data delivery in real time.



Technology that is friendly and easy to use makes the effort friendlier for a person who is challenged to want to help take charge of their own health. The use of smartphones and tablets allows the patient to be monitored and connected with easy to use, voice commands or the touch of an icon.



Wearing the technology today is now possible, smaller and more sensitive sensors so that active care monitoring is participatory and is more convenient and safe. Assisting in health care allows everyone to benefit including family members. Patient centered health care can provide major cost savings and gives assurances of delivering accurate results to those care providers who have the permission to know.


HomeCare GateMaster

Introducing the HomeCare GateMaster mobile applications on your smartphone that brings new innovative and safety related services designed to help the chronically disabled and other remain in their homes, includes a “safety net” for personal communications for agency home care provided services. Home care Clients with disabilities gain more confidence and independence while knowing they are safe. Specifically beneficial to those who are incontinent and Foley dependent.